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BLOODCUT - The Old Cemetery ... (digi)


Hodnocení:3.38, Hlasů:8

Datum vydání: 14.04.2017


Katalogové číslo: SU23317 (325 ks)

01. Opening the Coffin
02. Strange Family Secrets
03. Horrible Experience
04. Left to Rot
05. House of Blood
06. We are Zombies
07. Flesh Eaters
Special Bonus: Demo "Remains of the Deceased"
08. Cemetery Party
09. Necromarch
10. Still Undead
11. Back from the Dead
All Music by Bloodcut
All Lyrics by Janek
Tracks 1-7:
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in January/February 2017 at SPK Audio studio
Recorded by Miro Spevák
Tracks 8-11:
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in December 2015 at SPK Audio studio
Recorded by Miro Spevák
Cover Artwork by Adam Šluch
Graphic Design by Martin Rytych
Janek - guitar, vocals, programming
Slávek - bass