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BLOODCUT - The Old Cemetery Stories

Vydané tituly » BLOODCUT - The Old Cemetery Stories

Datum vydání: 14.04.2017

Hudební styl: Death Metal


Katalogové číslo: SU23317 (330 ks)

Provedení: CD-DIGIPACK
01. Opening the Coffin
02. Strange Family Secrets
03. Horrible Experience
04. Left to Rot
05. House of Blood
06. We are Zombies
07. Flesh Eaters
Special Bonus: Demo "Remains of the Deceased"
08. Cemetery Party
09. Necromarch
10. Still Undead
11. Back from the Dead
All Music by Bloodcut
All Lyrics by Janek
Tracks 1-7:
Recorded, mixed and mastered in January/February 2017 at SPK Audio studio
Recorded by Miro Spevák
Tracks 8-11:
Recorded, mixed and mastered in December 2015 at SPK Audio studio
Recorded by Miro Spevák
Cover artwork by Adam Šluch
Graphic design by Martin Rytych
Janek - guitar, vocals, programming
Slavek - bass